Toolchain for low zoom maps of a large part of the world?


I travel a lot at work. When I look down on the ground from 10.000m, I often want to know where I am. A clear day, you can see far away. Coastlines, islands, rivers, cities and villages, highways, airport are clearly visible. Power plants (nuclear or coal) are visible from the steam from the cooling towers. And so on.

I would like to have a map on my computer, in order to be able to navigate when flying. Often, I travel intercontinental, so a large portion of the world needs to be covered, but I do not need all zoom levels, maybe down to 11.

What would be a suitable toolchain, from OSM files to a viewer/browser?

I have looked briefly at Tilemill. It seems to have a nice user interface, and a http server, so I can view the tiles using a browser. However, it is “only” suitable for smaller maps, like a city or a region. I have a little different requirement - I need to cover a large are, but not using all zoom levels.