Tool to plot a bunch of addresses on map?


I have ten’s of addresses in a text file that I need to plot on a map. I only have the street address, not their long/lat coordinates.

Is there a tool available that takes street addresses as input?

Thank you.

Have a look in the OSM wiki about the geocoder called

There may also be some more hints to special use cases if you go to and enter the keyword “Nominatim” there.

I use “OSMpad” for “iPhone” to automate recording addresses on the ground.

It suggests a street name, follows cartographer’s actual location, and lets to put down a house number exactly on the corresponding building.

Application produces .osm file which then sent via e-mail, loaded into the JOSM. And the house numbers appears on the map exactly where they should be.

I cannot imagine though how it is possible to add addresses from a text file. If only one knows area well.