Tool to Perform Corridor Searches

Hi, I am looking for a tool that can return all nodes with a given tag and within a given distance of a way or relation - or perhaps a plugin/way of doing this in JSOM.

Later this year I will be doing 2-3 day drive. So in preparation for this I would like to find POI/amenity nodes (eg: tourism=viewpoint, amenity=toilets, highway=rest_area) within 5km of the highway I will be traveling along. I can use overpass turbo to do this for one section of the highway at a time, but it would be much easier if I had a tool that could this in one go - perhaps even export to osm files/GeoJson/JOSM/etc. This would not only be useful for this trip, it would useful for other car trips as well.

The Mapquest API has this function (, but I would like to find a tool that has already implemented such features