Tool for drawing lines and polygons on a map

I’ve tried googling for this, but the answer always seems to be “OpenLayers can do it”.

I want to be able to **draw things onto OpenStreetMap — lines, polygons, arrows, labels, this kind of thing — **and then get a link to my finished work. In Google Maps it’s easy to do under “My Maps”.

I’m sure it must be possible with OSM, and OpenLayers probably would help me to do it; but please, don’t reply with “try OpenLayers”. I’ve poked around the myriad dev/examples on their site, and they look very pretty, but they’re examples.

What I want is a working service that I can make use of and link to. I don’t want to have to create it and host it myself; I probably wouldn’t know how to in any case.

If I’ve missed something obviously, do feel free to just post me a link to a tutorial or something. Thanks in advance.

If you drop one of your requirements, there is the “Easymap” OSM SlippyMap Generator: It lets you draw lines, polygons, and markers with pop-up labels on top of an OSM map.

It will, however, not do the hosting for you. It lets you download a zip archive with a few files that you can drop onto any sort of webspace.

Try OpenScribble that can be found here:

Excellent, they’re exactly the kind of tools I was looking for. Thanks for your help.