Tool for Creating Custom Maps


Making maps in kml/kmz format with Google Earth using an graphical map image file is cumbersome.
Assigning the image map to geographical positions by placing and stretching the image is
exhausting and imprecise.
I guess, there are tools, where the image file can be placed near a reference map like OSM and
make the geographical reference by placing points the both of these maps.
Do you know about such tools to make custom maps ?

Thank you
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Maybe this JOSM plugin?
BTW what’s the reason that you post it in the Garmin section?

I guess TomGo71 wants to create this kind of custom maps:
The JOSM plugin doesn’t help with that…
Alternative programs: Mobile Atlas Creator, MapTiler, OkMap

I had a look to these suggested tools.

Mobile Atlas Creator:
OK, offline data for mobile an garmin can be created, but I didn’t find any possibility to load own graphical map image files like scans of paper maps. Or did I overlook this feature ?

Map Tiler:
Oh yes, this is a fine tool to process and generate maps using own graphical map image files, but the tool is not for free and there are a lot of limits in the lower price licenses respectively.

Seems to be nice, but I could not create any kmz-file in the trial version.


This is in Dutch and a bit out of date but maybe it helps:

You can try OkMap desktop
It’s easy and manages many map format types.