Too many users without any changesets

I gather some statistics about OSM user activity at previous months and now I found the abnormally large number of new registered users without any changesets.

The names of such users seem be generated Jack838n0kt2 Michael393z5ah8 Owen1x37jar1
The current speed of registration is about 3 users per minute and more than half of it have a such names

Some users have only a spaming description

but many of them have nothing. “jen03” “John727q1vp0”

Who are those people without changesets?
Spam bots or just forum or wiki users?

maybe its better to post this in General talk or else. Or do you think its because of the forum?

Yep. Possible General Chat is better place.

I normally report profiles that are purely spam to the admins in #osm-dev on IRC - they then get deleted.