Too good to be true?

Greetings, I was about to purchase a map for my garmin nubi 350 of the UK, for our familiy vacation this summer, but found that it is possible to download this for free? Is this too good to be true? I currently have the North American maps only. If so, how do I make this work? thanks for all your help. Robby

Yes, there are some people generating Garmin-Compatible maps from the OSM-Data. As OSM-Data accuracy and density vary you should check the data for your desired area (e.g. or .


Don’t count on the routing ability too much
An explination on how to install is also on that webpage.
Be carefull that you don’t overwrite your USA Map on the Nuvi

OSM coverage of the UK is pretty detailed on the whole, though rural areas vary enormously. Urban centres are normally up to a very good standard. Good luck and welcome abroad! :wink: