TomTom webinar - Mapping a better world with YouthMappers

Hi community!

We are pleased to announce that our webinar dedicated to the collaboration between TomTom and YouthMappers will take place on Thursday 28 March. The session will last 60 minutes.

The webinar will focus on how TomTom and YouthMappers are working together, as part of the OpenStreetMap community, to create impactful maps.

Join to learn all about how we share resources, expertise, and ideas with students and researchers to strengthen community mapping initiatives, improve the quality of map data and shape more impactful applications for maps.

For more details and registration, see the link below.

Mapping a better world with YouthMappers | TomTom

We look forward to seeing you!

Chiara and Dario

Do you know what tech is going to be used for the webinar?

I’m primarily interested if it is going to be something fully FOSS (like Jitsi Meet or Big Blue Button etc), or some proprietary solution (like e.g. Zoom or Microsoft stuff) which requires EME or otherwise running non-free (JS/wasm/plugin/…) code?

Link doesn’t seem to say

we will most likely use