TomTom: MapRoulette challenge missing building - Zagreb

Hi Croatian Community!

I am happy to announce that we have decided to launch a new MapRoulette challenge in Croatia! The challenge is about “missing building” in the area of Zagreb, your capital!

You will find 114 such tasks in this challenge:

Our team will start working on this challenge in a couple of weeks.

You can find more details about TomTom’s data improvement activities in Croatia on our Github page:

see the “Missing feature challenges” section

I hope you enjoy this challenge and above all that you find it useful! Please contact me in case of doubts

See you soon


Please do NOT use the imagery you said: Maxar, Esri, Bing

Use imagery which is official state aerial imagery and has better alignment than satellite imagery, and is done every 2 years.

thanks @hbogner for your suggestion. Quick question: do you know if there is any license to use of this imagery source?

If is allowed for use in OSM, see e.g. and around. There was separate discussion with translation/explanation/more details somewhere if needed but I can’t search for it now.

But yes, in Croatia we use latest aerial imagery as official offset, so please use that.

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Many thanks @Matija_Nalis


GitHub page updated with additional source

thanks again to @hbogner and @Matija_Nalis for your precious feedbacks.

Best regards