TomTom edits based on map feedback | TomTom muudab kaarti tagasiside põhjal

Hi everyone,

(Below I’m including an Estonian translation of this message, created with the help of an Estonian colleague.)

TomTom is planning to conduct edits in Estonia based on feedback submitted for our upcoming new TomTom map that is also valid for OSM.

We will only perform edits if they add value to OSM, do not conflict with recent updates made by the community, and are supported by a local source. In the absence of credible source material, we will ask the community for guidance.

We will start by editing the following types of features: highways, addresses, POIs, land use, buildings and water. For further details about the types of edits we will make, you can take a look at our GitHub page for Estonia (> section ‘Edits based on map feedback’) or at our wiki page. Over time, we may expand to other features and will inform the community when this happens.

Along with the #tomtom hashtag that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM, changesets based on map feedback will also receive the hashtag #tt_mapfeedback. This allows you to follow the updates we’re making during this activity.

In two weeks, we plan to start with a limited number of edits in Estonia. These edits will fix issues representative of the feedback we will receive when we launch our new map. Later we will continue with incidental edits spread over time.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. As we progress, we will of course take into account any feedback we receive from you about this activity.

Have a great week!


Tervist kõigile,

TomTom planeerib läbi viia redigeerimise Eestis, tuginedes saadud tagasididele, uue TomTom kaardi osas, mis kehtib ka OSM-i jaoks.
Teeme muudatusi ainult siis, kui need lisavad OSM-ile väärtust, ei ole vastuolus kogukonna hiljutiste värskendustega ja neid toetab kohalik allikas. Usaldusväärse allika puudumisel küsime kogukonnalt juhiseid.

Redigeerimist alustatakse järgnevatest kaardi elementidest: kiirteed, aadressid, huvipunktid, maakasutus, hooned ja vesi. Lisateavet tehtavate muudatuste tüüpide kohta leiate meie GitHubi Eesti lehelt (> jaotis “Edits based on map feedback”) või meie wiki lehelt. Aja jooksul võime laieneda teistele kaardi elementidele ning sel juhul anname sellest teada ka kogukonnale.

Lisaks #tomtom räsimärgile, mis kaasneb iga TomTomi muudatusega OSM-is, saavad kaardi tagasisidel põhinevad muudatuste komplektid ka hashtag #tt_mapfeedback. See võimaldab teil jälgida muudatusi kaardi elementidel, mida selle tegevuse ajal teeme.

Kahe nädala pärast on meil plaanis alustada piiratud arvu redigeerimistega Eestis. Esmased sisseviidavad muudatused keskenduvad tagasisidele uue kaardi käivitamisel. Hiljem jätkame jooksvalt muudatuste sisseviimist.

Kui teil on küsimusi või kommentaare, andke meile teada. Edenedes võtame loomulikult arvesse mistahes tagasisidet, mida selle tegevuse kohta saame.

Toredat nädalat!


Based on one other company contributing in Estonia things to look out for are

  1. Blindly trusting user feedback without verifying it through official sources / with imagery
  2. Having many people editing the whole world without assigning editors to regions to create expertise about what data sources are available in the region and gaining other local knowledge.

Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback @qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq .

To your first comment, I can say that we will only make changes that can be supported by a local source. If we can’t find a reliable source, we will consult the community.

I’ll look into your second comment with my team.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and have a pleasant evening!


Do you have a way to provide an online preview (like here ADS address import for Estonian buildings), where interested parties could have a look at the upcoming changeset and suggest changes (if needed).

Hello @jemm. I came across your message while monitoring the messages of my colleague @MarjanVan, who is out on vacation.

We may not be able to share information about the suggested changes as the tasks created for this purpose could contain confidential information. However, you will be able to filter and view the changesets resulting from user feedback based on the #tomtom hashtag (that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM) along with the #tt_mapfeedback hashtag (used for such incidental edits).

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we are extending the types of edits we’re making in the framework of this project. The full list of features is as follows: POIs, land use, addresses, ferry and water bus routes, railway tracks with some infrastructure tags such as bridges and level crossings, highways, link roads, traffic signs, access barriers, turn restrictions, water and buildings.

For further details about the types of edits we are making, you can take a look at our GitHub page for Estonia (> section ‘Edits based on map feedback’) or at our wiki page. The latter now also contains some more information on how we receive and process this map feedback, for those of you who are interested.

All edits made based on map feedback will still receive the hashtags #tt_mapfeedback and #tomtom.

Enjoy your evening!