toilets:wheelchair=no on parking lots

Hey! :slight_smile:

I was looking around in my area and found that most parking lots in my town are tagged with toilets:wheelchair=no, all tagged by the same user.

I don’t see how that makes any sense at all and I think it bloats the database unnecessarily. I read about some problems with Wheelmap a while back, specifically about it automatically adding this tag - see this post.

Is there any reason the parking lots should be tagged with toilets:wheelchair=no? Should I delete those tags?

If there are no toilets in the parking lot - and there probably aren’t - then there shouldn’t be this tag.
Wheelmap allows you to add toilets:wheelchair for amenities and parking lot is an amenity.

Feel free to remove these tags from parking lots.

You could still change them to toilets=no explicitly. If you have time, you can check if the missing ones should be wheelchair=yes or wheelchair=limited