Tired of underscores "_"

Am I the only one who thinks underscores _ aren’t that nice, and that they really shouldn’t be used in OSM?

Yep :smiley:

I don’t like bad habits…

You implement in your personal life the philosophy: “BAN BAD HABITS !!!” like some of us in OSM have implemented the philosophy: “BAN POTLATCH !**!@%^@!!” ? So you don’t drink, smoke, drive too fast, swear, pick your nose, fart in public, bite your nails and eat little meat?


Those all fill a funfctional function were as _ is only there because someone thought it mattered. Which it doesn’t and now everyone uses them, I haven’t seen anyone not using them.

Yup!!I do think in your way.That underscore irritates me.Hope this could be changed by the time.

Maybe it is an age problem. The elder of us grew up with filesystems, where putting blanks into filenames was a no go and also in many other cases blanks led to trouble. In case of doubt, I still often use underscores when I’m suspicious if some program is going to use that… :slight_smile: