Time to update map

I’m newbie here.
I have searched the answer to my question, but I haven’t found nothing.
How long does it take to see updates on the map?

Depends on which map you are referring to.
For the standard map on openstreetmap.org, edits usually appear within a few minutes or hours.
If your edits aren’t visible after a few hours, it’s possible that your are looking at a cached copy. Doing Shift+Refresh in your browser might help to clear the cache.

For other maps based on OpenStreetMap, they may take much longer. eg MapQuest Open usually takes a few days. OpenCycleMap currently seems to take a few weeks or so.

For maps for other devices (eg Android or Garmin etc) they may take longer, possibly weeks or even months.

see also http://help.openstreetmap.org → search for map update

or http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FAQ