time based one-way street

Hi everyone, I’ve been experimenting with openstreetmap and have been able to figure out most of the stuff from the wiki and/or examples, but this problem has me stumped.

There is a bridge in Montreal that is 2 lane bridge. In general it’s a 2-way bridge. But during the morning rush hour, both lanes are oneway into the city, and in the evening rush hour, both lanes are oneway leaving the city.

I’ve found the time restrictions, but how to actually apply it to a one-way/two-way situation. Any ideas?

I suggest conditional tagging, see here and here. It’s just a proposal at the moment, of course, but some things simply cannot be expressed without that way of tagging.

For example:

oneway:(Mo-Fr 06:00-09:00) = yes
oneway:(Mo-Fr 15:00-18:00) = -1

The days/hours and yes/-1 values depend on what’s valid for that particular street, of course.

Perfect, exactlly what I was looking for.