TileSweep - tile server with prerendering

I’ve written a slippy map tile server as an alternative to mod_tile + renderd that I’ve been using to host and prerender maps (about 100M tiles rendered thus far). Maybe it’ll be useful to someone else as well.


  • Selection based prerendering capability (see screenshots of the control panel), tiles are stored in a single file.
  • Can be built and run without Mapnik if you have an existing tile database.
  • Single executable with an embedded HTTP server
  • Scales with CPU cores
  • Serves both 256x256 and 512x512 tiles
  • Can prerender and serve tiles simultaneously

Project page https://github.com/seemk/TileSweep

Prerendering control panel screenshots:

@seemk maybe a diary post, or reposting on the dev list would be a good idea, this forum isn’t really that frequented (haven’t looked at the server itself yet so no comment :-))

Nice job. Did you do it for fun or were there specific things which motivated you to write your own rather than fork mod_tile?

I’ve made a simple wiki page about it and included it in comparison list:


Could you include license information and tell on which platform would it run?

Long time since I last visited the forums. I wanted an easier deployment (a single executable) instead of depending on Apache. Part of it was for fun also :slight_smile:

Thanks! It runs on Linux, OS X and is MIT licensed. I’ve added a license to the repository now.