Tiles without Nodes

Hi, i’m trying to render my own Maps using OpenStreetMap.

I’m using the Overpass API with the following query: “node(lat,lon,lat2,lon2);way(bn);(._;>;);out;”.

However, sometimes, ways do pass through a tile but don’t have a node in that specific tile (I tried to illustrate that in the following picture:)

The query seems to not give me any information about that way, which leads to bugs when trying to render the map…

How do i fix this?

As far as I know a query from overpassAPI has nothing to do with tiles. Tiles are one way among others how to display raw OSM data.

Do you mean an overpassAPI query limited by a bounding box?
And you want to get all ways inside this bounding box, and also all ways that go through that bounding boix, but have no nodes inside it?

Yes, look at my query, it’s limited to a box by “node(lat,lon,lat2,lon2)”.

This box could, for example, be the box titled “(TILE)” in my example.

Yes, i want to get all ways inside the box and not only those with a node inside of that box.

How do i do that?


please use


This query is specifically designed to also include ways that cross a bounding box without nodes.

Your idea is so good. I was never tried to render my own map using Openstreetmap so i will also try to do this by following you.

Great idea! I will render my own map now, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: