Tiles of Phuket are not loading, what is the reason???? Needs help

Hello I am a new member here.
In the past I downloaded a lot of maps from this page to my garmin, there had been no problems all the time.
Sice yesterday I try to download a map of Phuket on my device.
The result is, there are no roads on the map. nothing but the base version of worlsd map.

Second try was to download Phuket and Corse at once. I selected these two tiles and started the download.
No roads on Phuket, but a perfect map of Corse.

Is there anything wrong with the Asian maps. I also don’t succeeded with the selection of all Thailand maps!

The problem is, on friday we start our journey to Thailand, so we do need this informations because we wants to go on our own to explore the island. Can anybody help us???


From which page?

My guess is that you are a Garmin map user, in which case the Garmin maps sub-forum is more likely to find people who would be able to help with your problem:


Is there a chance to switch it to the other forum in an easy way or do I have to post it again in the garmin forum?
But I think it is a general problem of the asia maps, because the Corsica map is OK


Downloaded from


Greetings Erich

Phuket is OK on openstreetmap, itself, which is why your problem seems to be about the use of OSM on Garmin maps, not about OSM itself: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/252057835#map=13/7.8792/98.3980

Mhh, but what is the reason when I order a map with a tile of Corse and a tile of Phuket - in one job. Corse is Ok with detailed roads and POI’s, at Phuket is shown no road at all. It was one job, same device, same computer… Really strange

Now I really don’t know how to receive a map till tomorrow


Nothing wrong with the Phuket tiles, check out the downloads for Thailand, already available here:

No success with this link. The same problem.

The result of one more try: One order two maps, one tile of Singapore and one tile of Phuket (also the complete region of Thailand).

Singapore is OK- in Phuket is just shown the autobahn of “Worldwide Basemap”. Nothing else.

Did anybody tried to download and show the tile of Phuket? What is the result? I am nearly sure there is an error in the files.

I work and download this files since years, I am experienced in installing this maps onmy Garmin GPS. But I really don’t know what else should I do

HELP, my plane to Phuket will depart tomorrow…


Might be a bit late, but as a last resort you could try generating your own Garmin map.

Or try one of the other download sites at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download .

Erich, I have installed the map and dont see anything missing. I think you need to clear your cache, sometimes the history of older installations will mess up things. Ctrl G twice to clear it.