Tiles not rendering since update?

I made some changes to a map just over a day ago. The affected tiles are being picked up and correctly rendered by osmarender and the minutely update site (at matt.sandbox.cloudmade.com). However, the main OSM website is not re-rendering the tiles even though it knows there are changes as they show up when I go to edit the map within the browser (potlatch). When I check the status of such a tile (by visiting tile_address.png/status) it shows the tile to be clean and the last update is before the upgrade to the 0.6 API. Is this still a hangover from the upgrade or should the tiles have been re-rendered on OSM by now? Thanks in advance …

I asked something similar on the OSM-talk email list and got a reply which stated:

So perhaps the Mapnik (the default) layer isn’t fully up to speed yet.

Alternatives are that you have an old image cached on your machine. I delete all temporary files after viewing the area I’m interested in and closing the browser - however, I don’t think the edits I made yesterday show on Mapnik yet either.


Thanks Ed, still no updates here.

Mapnik finally started to show updates last night. Some of the higher zoom levels are being rendered still but I think that’s normal from what I read.