Tiles not displaying on tile server

Just finished setting up a tile server but for some reason only the land outlines are displayed and not the imported osm.pbf database for North America. I followed Manually building a tile server (Debian 12) – Switch2OSM perfectly and yet somehow can’t seem to resolve it. Hopefully someone has some answers :slight_smile:

What happens in the logs when requests for tiles come in?

Edit: see also Tiles not displaying on tile server - OSM Help

No obvious tile rendering errors there, so presumably the data load failed. Try a smaller .pbf .

I’ll try that out and let you know if it works. One thing, since this is hosted on an external azure VPS should I do some sort of configuration to networking so that it’s forwarded? I’m sure that’s probably not an issue since localhost handles that.

That didn’t seem to solve it.

If you’re getting tiles with just coastline you’ve got external data loaded, Mapnik pointed at the right database, but the data in the tables isn’t for the area you’re viewing. What PBF file did you load?

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With a locally connected database, something like:

gis=> select count(*) from planet_osm_point where amenity = 'parking';
(1 row)

will at least tell that you have some data there. That example query result is for one region.

SELECT 'https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/'||osm_id FROM planet_osm_point LIMIT 1; will also give you a link to a node in your database. You can go to the URL it gives you to see where in the world it is.


The entire globe loads the shapefile tiles it’s just that my database for north america isn’t displayed such as roads and buildings.