tiles@Home - How to delete uploaded files automatically?


sorry but I didn’t find any appropriate board and so I hope that this question would be right here.

If’ve got an issue with my tilesAtHome Windows Client. - Everything is working fine but after the successful upload the perl script saves the upload “for later processing”(and so - by the time - my harddisk gets crowded).

Any ideas how I can disable this behaviour? - Or is there somewhere a manpage about the configuration options?

Everything is Ok
[#7 100% ] Tile of complexity 782157 took us 780 seconds to render
[#7 100% ] Suggested complexity is currently: 1301467
removing job dir C:\tilesAtLocal\temp\12_1845_1085_QuoIv

[#7   0% upload] 3 files to upload...
[#7   0% upload] Uploading captionless_12_1845_1085_15015.zip...
OK|Upload saved for later processinguploaded captionless_12_1845_1085_15015.zip:
 sleeping 0 seconds
[#7  33% upload] 2 files to upload...
[#7  33% upload] Uploading maplint_12_1845_1085_15015.zip...
OK|Upload saved for later processinguploaded maplint_12_1845_1085_15015.zip: sle
eping 0 seconds
[#7  67% upload] 1 files to upload...
[#7  67% upload] Uploading tile_12_1845_1085_15015.zip...
OK|Upload saved for later processinguploaded tile_12_1845_1085_15015.zip: sleepi
ng 0 seconds
[#7 100% upload] uploaded 3 files
downloaded 10 bytes
[#8 100% upload] Retrieving next job...
Request string from server: OK|5|2180|1349|12|tile,maplint,captionless|124940997



Seems as if I’ve found the configuration option: