Tilemaker 3.0 - creating vector tiles

I’m really delighted to announce tilemaker 3.0:

tl;dr - it’s now about 7 times faster and uses about one-sixth the memory

tilemaker takes OpenStreetMap data (in .osm.pbf format) and makes it directly into vector tiles, with no intermediate database. You can use the bundled schema (OpenMapTiles-compatible) or write your own, using Lua to say which OSM tags should go into which vector tile layers.

tilemaker 3.0 is much faster and less memory-intensive than previous versions. 2.0 took 130GB RAM and 37 hours to create vector tiles for the whole planet. 3.0 takes 24GB RAM and 4.5 hours on the same (old!) hardware. On modern hardware, you can generate the whole planet in under 90 minutes.

New features include PMTiles output, GeoJSON reading, better relation support, a lightweight native vector tiles server for prototyping, and much more. It’s fully open source, written in C++, and runs on Linux, Mac or Windows.

Massive thanks to @cldellow for working wonders on performance and RAM usage. tilemaker also contains a series of brilliant contributions from Wouter van Kleunen who passed away in 2022.


I have only recently stumbled across this program - it is fantastic, thanks for it!