Tile Server


Any idea which tile server/software was used to render www.kangarim.co.il streets layer? What I know is that it’s based on OSM data (according to their FAQ) and that it’s hosted at Google App Engine.


Nice find! :slight_smile:

The data they have is somewhat old,
so they don’t use any of the “official” servers.

They either got a snapshot themselves (unlikely…), or are using some 3rd party server for the OSM data and rendering.

It might also be that they created their own style on CloudMade.
The amount (and time of snapshot) of data seems similar to what CloudMade have in their snapshot,
and the style have footways but no cycleways nor tracks.

A example for a style which answers the above specs is “Ride the City III”.


We used a slightly modified Cloudmade snapshot for the data.
The rest we did using mapnik.


Thank you for sharing.

If ok with you, I have some more questions…

What did you modify in the snapshot?
Did you add any data? Would you contribute it to OSM?

Did you get any requests like “why can’t I see this address?”?
If yes, could you share with us which places were requested? It would give us hints as to where to do future mapping parties.

Again - Thank you for any feedback you might have.


Thank you for sharing. Can you please elaborate on how exactly you styled and produced the tiles?