Tile rendering not updated when changing one-way direction


In Changeset: 149345738 | OpenStreetMap two oneway directions were updated over a day ago. However this does not show up in the standard openstreetmap tiles.
Affected ways:
Way: ‪Zeppelinstraße‬ (‪5123672‬) | OpenStreetMap
Way: ‪Hans-Thoma-Straße‬ (‪154935683‬) | OpenStreetMap

However the changes are visible e.g. on the map style “humanitarian” and “CylcOSM”.

Are the tiles not correctly dirted for the main main Mapnik renderer?

Also, way 27596913 has been changed to one way two days ago and is not displayed as such.

Strangely, the part of this street to the south has been updated:
way 1147057752

All three layers look like they go the same direction to me, you probably need to refresh in a way that ignores cached files.

This is normally CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R depending on your browser.

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, it is now updated.
I am 100% sure that I had cleared the cache and even tested in on a different PC.
Now, the old version is only remaining on one layer

But that will also resolve probably soon.