Tile.openstreetmap.org, in 2x resolution, when?

When will 512x512 2x resolution tiles come to tile.openstreetmap.org?

See, for example:

curl 'https://osm.rrze.fau.de/osmhd/0/0/0.png' >test.png

Gnome Maps on a Pinephone looks very bad. Printing 1x tiles on paper looks equally bad.

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On osm.org, you can click the Layers button on the right side of the map and select Tracestrack Topo, which looks a lot like the Standard layer but looks crisper at 2× resolution.

In GNOME 46, Maps has an experimental map mode that renders resolution-independent vector tiles. It has a very different look and feel though.

I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of point rejigging the render stack to create 2x raster tiles when vector tiles are (and should be) the priority.


I just tried it out, @Minh_Nguyen . Wow, that looks great! I would never have guessed by the name, though, that it is a high res map. It should say so next to it.

Well, OK, I’ll take vector tiles, lol. Are they ready?

Have you had a go? :slight_smile:

More seriously - did you actually read the suggestion above? It sounds like it’s designed exactly for you…