Tile data for http://osm.org.il/


I am working on a simple desktop app to package offline map files for portable devices. So far, I support BCNav and Orux, both for Android, but I hope to add some more output formats soon. It is quite similar to MOBAC.
I wonder if I can use your tiles as a map source for maps of the Israel Trail I want to publish on the web.
I read on your GitHub page that I can download the OruxMaps db file. Should I use it as my source, or is there some online Tile Server I can use? My app does caches the tiles locally, so it shouldn’t stress the server too much, but I’ll do whatever you prefer.

You can take a look on my app at http://atgardner.github.io/OfflineMapFileGenerator/

Thank you,
Noam Gal.

Also, another question - are there tiles with English place names on them? Is it possible to use them as well?

I assume you are referring to the tiles of the Israel Hiking map.

See IsraelHiking.xml on GitHub for an OruxMaps definition of the Israel Hiking map as an on line source.

There are no English-based tiles. However, you could create them by using the instructions on GitHub and modifying the Maperitive rules.