This forum is now running Discourse 3.1


Today this forum was updated to Discourse 3.1, you can learn about changes and new features from the official blog:



Does 3.1 give an option to show thread titles in your preferred language?

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Translations are handled by a plugin, and it doesn’t support topic titles yet as far as I know.

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I kind a like discourse, the osm talking community seems to do so too. Hope they can roll out open source releases that better the workings here.

Firstly, “yay!” for voting.

However (there’s always a however) a couple of observations:

  • Comments don’t seem to be linkable - see the comment below here.
  • Comments don’t seem to get emailed to people in mailing list mode - at least I don’t believe that I’ve seen the comment referred to above.**

** To be clear, it might be a quite reasonable design decision not to email comment contents, just as +1s or other emojis aren’t emailed - I’m just not sure whether it is deliberate or not.


Yeah, this voting plugin’s comments seem to be bolted onto the side. Only a very limited subset of Markdown syntax is supported (links and I’m not sure what else).

Something noticed today, using Vivaldi browser with the forum as a pinned tab, always has been. Before whether logged in or not the tab would show a small number as a notification if new comments have arrived.

Now the new comments counter only shows when not logged in. When logged in, nothing. Have to select the forum tab and hit Ctrl+F5 to refresh the topic list.


The above screen snip shows 2 community tabs at left. The left one still logged in, the 2nd tab where I logged out.

Another oddity is that sometimes “Suggested Topics” don’t appear after following a link. I’ve only noticed this:

  • On mobile (recent Android, latest mobile Firefox)
  • When following a link to a topic with voting
  • After previously following links

Even with those caveats, it doesn’t happen all or even most of the time.