"This forum is not accepting new registrations"


in recent weeks, I have seen several people come online onto irc and say they can’t post to the forums as the forum isn’t accepting new registrations. It isn’t obvious that one can (and must) use ones OSM account to log onto the forum.

Could the message on the account registration page be changed to tell new users that they should use their OSM account to post on the forums and don’t need to register separately?


I’m sorry, I completely forgot to add this information to the login page when I upgraded the forum software. I’ll add this when I get home this evening.

Thanks for reporting this.

The “Login” page now mentions using your user name from from www.openstreetmap.org.

Unfortunately, the “Register” page still just reads “This forum is not accepting new registrations.” As this is where new users will likely go first - because they assume they have to register first before being able to log in - it would be great if this text could also be changed.

Edit: The “Register” link only works when you are not logged in.

Good call.

The register link in the header is now also gone.


“This forum is not accepting new registrations”

still is what a visitor is shown when he wants to register for the OSM forum…

I already sent a message to Lambertus about this issue several weeks ago, I reported it. Until now no reply, seems he has not been here on the forum for couple of months…