There is } in Turkish language


This mistake I will make is valid in Turkish, there is no problem in English.

There is a “}” sign in the “Username > My Profile > My Notes” section. I looked on Translatewiki, but this sign is not available there, but it appears on the site. I’m adding an image to my message.

Thank you.


It’s an error in the Turkish translation for notes.index.subheading_html which has a double }} in it currently - it looks like:

%{user} tarafından %{submitted}} veya %{commented} notlar’

but it should be:

%{user} tarafından %{submitted} veya %{commented} notlar’

so if you can find and fix that on Translatewiki then it will get fixed on the site in due course.


Here’s the message to fix: Osm:Notes.index.subheading html/tr - This would be a good opportunity for you to register as a translator, so you can help to ensure the interface’s quality in Turkish.


Thank you.