There is a problem with the OSM-Germany installation

Used OpenStreetMap for the first time today.
Looks very fine.
But installing from OSM-Germany-2008-08-11.exe results in the following error:

There is a problem with the OSM-Germany installation
Please re-install OSM-Germany and start Mapsource again.

Also tried new-Zealand map, same error.
Deinstalled the map, Mapsource (6.14.1) works fine again.
Found no strange things in the Registry.

Beginners errorÂ….???
Thanks in advantage


is this the wrong forum for this question or just a wrong question…

Regards Wim

Well there are people here who know how map source works, so I guess you might get an answer.

I can’t help you because I know nothing about Garmin maps, where the file you downloaded came from, or about mapsource… Basically clueless… :wink:

There are more reports that MapSource 6.14.1 has changed in such a way that it breaks most OSM map installers, not only for Germany. It will take some time for the maintainers to get things working again. In the mean time I suggest you stick with an older version of MapSource…

Hi LionW,

I had the same problem, however the supplied registry file suggests that the map folder (OSM-Germany?) should reside in C:\Garmin (have you put it there?). So either copy that folder there or change the registry settings to where it is now. That worked for me.