The "unclear title" check fails with short titles

I tried to rename “[General talk] Atolls (some bla bla to make 15 characters)” to “[General talk] Atolls”

That fails with:

Multiple errors occurred: 1) Title is too short (minimum is 15 characters) 2) Title seems unclear, most of the words contain the same letters over and over?

We can argue about the helpfulness of “1” (here I’d suggest that “Atolls” is a perfect summary fo the thread), but “2” is just wrong. The word “atolls” does not contain “the same letters over and over” - a six letter word with one letter twice is not unusual.

May be picking on “bla bla”? :roll_eyes:

I don’t think so - I got that error after editing that out.

The “bla bla” is there because it wouldn’t let me create a title with less than 15 characters, and it narked me!

It’s great we still kept these minimum character restrictions so we can have more meaningful communication


Your observation suggests that the “same letters over and over” detector is flawed for very short titles. I guess it notices that one third of the title is the same character or something silly like that. So it would clearly be an improvement if this could be corrected with a config change or, ideally, an upstream fix.

However, given that such short titles aren’t permitted anyway, I would consider it a comparatively minor issue. While it does make the error message worse, the user still gets enough information on how they can resolve the issue (make the title longer, hopefully by adding meaningful content).

It’s not minor when one has spent time writing the post only for it to be rejected at the posting stage. Warning is required before then.

It also failed to notice “bla bla” as repeated letters!

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