The solution is created because of OSM!

Hi dear all OSM mappers in Indonesia!

My name is Ariana and I am working for EU’s first civic tech startup that is building an app to intelligently improve urban mobility and to help the commotion of people in large cities. We are using some OSM data, but we also contribute to the community with other data. It is thanks to people like you that innovative solutions like ours can be created.

We know as well that public transports are crazy and complicated especially in Jakarta; and we want to help change that and make a difference in the lives of citizens. It will not be easy but we believe it is achievable. Thus, I was wondering if some of you would be interested in being a beta tester (and beyond) & have exclusive access to the app before it was officially released?

If you are interested in being part of something big, sign up here: I will send you an email in the coming days with more details and access to the beta.

Thank you very much!
I wish you all a great day in such sunny Indonesia.