The "OSM Standard tile layer" looks wrong (white lines, abusive comments etc.)

Sadly, multiple Ctrl+F5 ain’t working momentarily… the edit’s I did in the last few hour wont appear. The ? query shows the items are in, so \o/

Yes because there has a large volume of edits and some of the render servers are still catching up - please be patient and all will be well in time.


Before reporting here please check if the error still exists by verifying with data-layer if it’s only a render-not-catching-up-problem or if data is really corrupted.


I’ve just reverted 3 more vandal accounts just now, blocked here, here and here,


I do not think calling these blatant acts of vandalism “infant” or “childish” will achieve anything with the person behind them. Though, eventually, they might be spot on!

What do you suggest we call it? The actions of a great fat useless spawny eyed parrot faced wassock? **

An outline of the story is above; to add to that we asked the person concerned to discuss in their community forum. The members there were against the edits. This was ignored, the person made the edits anyway, and the DWG acted on the complaints that we received.

** by Tony Capstick, RIP

You shortened the quote - I am fine with calling them that. I even prefer that above “cyber security threat” as got mentioned before. I fully understand your anger at being harassed such way. In my eyes that should count a criminal offence and the OSMF required to redact (hide from history) both the edits and the reverts.

It’s May 16, and I’m still seeing them.

I am seeing this everywhere now, Switzerland, Norway, France, California. Any page I go to I see these fake roads that are not complete.

Moderation: Map image with inappropriate and offensive street names removed

i first discovered this vandalism in legazpi, gipuzkoa but “query features” doesn’t show any roads so i can’t revert it.

Moderation: Map image with inappropriate and offensive street names removed

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Showing a screenshot of some random spot somewhere in the world is not helpful in trying to check if there’s actually vandalism or just map tiles need to be regenerated.
Give way id or at the very least gps coordinates.


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I have found a number of inappropriate features (white lines placed horizontally and diagonally) on the map in the vicinity of N 41° 08.122 W 074° 17.305.

Each includes the name Andy Townshend and an obscenity or a pejorative. They are visible at the 1,000’ magnification, but not below. I am not able to see them in edit mode.

Below is a screen grab showing the features:

Moderation: Map image with inappropriate and offensive street names removed

I hope someone is able to remove them from the map and review any other edits placed by that user.

Thank you for looking into this.

Bill in NJ

I have now set another force expire of old cache. The vandalism should mostly no longer be visible.

Update: The force expire is struggling because the load on the render servers is now very high. In some cases “Dirty” tiles are being served due to load, and these may still contain vandalism. Hopefully the ratio of dirty tiles decreases over the next few hours.


I just discovered a mass spam of nonexistent roads with inappropriate names.
I don’t want to give examples as it’s not something I feel comfortable saying, but I attached a few screenshots.
I’m a new user so I’m only able to attach one screenshot. This one is in Bridgeport, Alabama. But they seem to be all over the world
This is a very annoying issue when using this site and it’s something you should please fix.

(I hope this is the right place to post this as I don’t see a report an error page)

Please see here for details.


I was working on a map in QGIS with an OpenStreetMap background. I was working near Maastricht (South-Netherlands) and between the GPS coordinates 50.87531, 5.72567 and 50.87302, 5.74033, someone has written some text that most likely shouldn’t be there. Could this be fixed?

Thank you,
Milan Holsgens

Please check: The "OSM Standard tile layer" looks wrong (white lines, abusive comments etc.)

TLDR, vandalism already been fixed