The Names Must Not Be Translated


Dear ika-chan! do you know the deference between transliteration and tranlsaton?

Yοu reversed the changes I made at Αγιος Ιωάννης Ρέντης.
This is a location, if you know what it means.
It means that it can not be Saint Jean - Rentis inf French, neither Ájiosz Joánisz Réndisz in Hungarian.

** if you want to translate the names from now on I will make the following changes:
Ιερα Οδός => Holly Road
Περιστερι => Pigeon
Ταύρος => Bull
Πόρτο Ράφτη => Port Taylor
and so on…**

You have better search for terrible mistakes that there are all around the maps of Greece, dont bother being after me all this time.

The reason for my comment is that place names in Greek are not always the same in other languages. For example, Thessaloniki in Greek/English is Thessalonique in French and Солун (Solun) in Bulgarian/Macedonian/Serbian.

In the case of Agios Ioannis Rentis, the Hungarian name was added by user dgtezai in Changeset 104410868.

OpenStreetMap is an international project: we cannot expect every language community to accept the Greek transliteration if they have their own name or spelling. That does not imply that Ταύρος is Bull in English.

It is unhelpful that you accuse me of having a personal agenda against you, just because I disagreed with things. The reality is that OpenStreetMap is not a one-man project but a collaborative map. Nobody can expect to have it their way all the time: just ask the people involved in border disputes.

Let’s say that this Hungarian version is close to Greek by the way it sounds, what about French that you restored?
About the accusasion, I cant forget the post you made accusing me here on the forum in public, for an issue that i had already ask.
You never apologized about it.