The meaning of "Change highway tags to reflect real usage"

the location viewer is a visual representation of the data from Data SA, Map Viewers and Portals | Data.SA you have to turn on the “Roads” dataset then click on the road to get the information of the road. I would personally match it up with the SHP file from here to be sure Roads - Dataset - from experience location sa and the SHP file match up entirely.

also if I can just say that the whole intention of this post is to have a constructive discussion so we can get something written down on what “Real Usage” means by definition as it is not recorded anywhere on the OSM wiki. We want to avoid random validators determining the classification of roads such as this example Changeset: 145314458 | OpenStreetMap , im sorry for saying this but it seems like people have a misunderstanding is all. All I have done is (with references) provided information from my point of view as to why I agreed with Data SA at the time.

That changeset didn’t involve any kind of validator/QA tool. If you think OSMCha is that, it’s not, it’s simply a utility that allows you to easily view changesets that match certain filters.

Also, just to point out, your original post was very focused on one specific road, so people are likely going to focus on that when reading/replying to it.

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yes it is because by focusing one 1 changeset it can be used as an example for all other “real usage” changesets.

I know what OSMCHA is I have used it for a long time I did not mention OSMCha. I just want to avoid situations like that in the future is all I meant sorry.

You mentioned validators on a changeset of mine that didn’t involve any. The closest there was OSMCha and you’ve called it one before in changeset comments.

I am sorry if I misspoke, just want to avoid changesets like that in the future is all.

Fine! This is exactly the definition that Wiki means by “real usage”: based on your own personal knowledge (in addition: considering all four points mentioned physical characteristics, importance, function and official classification and weighing them up against each other)

And: if different users in the same area come to different conclusions, then sit down together, compare your considerations and perhaps get some advice from external mapping colleagues.

I’ve seen some other road classifications in and around Adelaide that don’t seem conclusive to me.

One of my basic principles of thought: The road classifications (tertiary, secondary and primary) in OSM should never just end at roads of lower classification (there are very very rare exceptions), but always connect to the same or higher classified roads.


I just re-read this whole thread and just want to clarify that OSMCHA is and has always been referred to as a validator tool which is why I call it a validator regardless of what actions you take using it. Here is a example of a developer referring to it as a validator tool The state of OSMCha | OpenStreetMap US