The information / setting page of OSM for Oauth 1 and 2

On the topics of JOSM imminently switching exclusively to OAuth 2 and the general phase out of OAuth 1 below 2 screenshots of the authentication pages on OSM site Account Settings > My OAuth details.

There’s the first screencut of the page with tabs giving the option to register applications. How does one do that e.g. for JOSM?

The second screencut lists the current authentications in effect for me. What I miss to see is the dates when last refreshed. Maybe there’s reason, but re the discussion of seemingly never expiring and me in past periodically bulk clearing the looooong list of auths developing on the OAuth 1 page, that page at least showed the date of each. If there’s no reason, could the last date refreshed or last utilized / called on maybe be added to this OAuth 2 page if only for piece of mind and knowing which ones are overdue to be user action revoked?


There is no need to register an application for JOSM as a user - that is something the JOSM developers will do once and you as a user will just need to follow the link from JOSM to authorize it.

As explained elsewhere we do not use refresh tokens so there is no “date of last refresh” and we do not track when a token was last used either so we are not able to show that.


Thanks, now I remember reading that before. Maybe a short splurge at bottom of the OAuth 2 page as brief as you said so above and/or with a link to the web page explaining the active auths to tell that in a more verbose way, as with time the incidental mapping tourist will not know or remember that and hitting ‘i’ showing 2 pages before will escape most.