The extraction of data not always working

I extract the area near my home so I can load it into the GPS to see what I missed but often it just fails with:

Warning: wildcards not supported in HTTP.
=> vic.osm' Resolving []( Connecting to [](||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found Location: [*%5bbbox=145.2,-38.1,145.4,-37.9%5d](*%5bbbox=145.2,-38.1,145.4,-37.9%5d) [following] Warning: wildcards not supported in HTTP. --08:21:50-- [*%5bbbox=145.2,-38.1,145.4,-37.9%5d](*%5bbbox=145.2,-38.1,145.4,-37.9%5d) => vic.osm’
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 501 Internal Server Error
08:22:17 ERROR 501: Internal Server Error.

I guess the server is having problems as the command is correct as it will work a couple of times a week.

The extract command I am using is:
wget -T 540 -O home.osm*[bbox=145.2,-38.1,145.4,-37.9]

Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?


There is a problem with the exended api at this moment, you can check it out on the wiki Openstreetmap server status

They are trying to fix it, but 3 separate machines managed to break at the same time so I’m imagining it’s not very fun at the moment… :slight_smile:

Server status for is declared to be up and running, but produces 501 errors in my case too.

There are also the ROMA servers. But i don’t know the URL for downloading data from them.