The damn project done in October 2023

DISCLAIMER: The writing style is not serious, the message is.

Nice to write again. No procraction, here we go.

We confess we had performance issues. It turned out that we underestimated how the damn project could be used. But who are we to judge? If you need that, our server is here to serve. Therefore, we implemented pagination to enable smooth work for areas with 300 000+ squares.

Consequently, we updated the mappy to reflect the changes in the server’s API. There is ugly load more squares link in the client now.

We also used the opportunity of server’s API change to improve the panel by adding the history of the square you’re working on. And when we are writing about panel…

We started with the translations. We chose the panel, because it’s our Field Mapping Mode flagship. For the cost of re-licensing the JavaScript clients to GPLv3, we could use translated strings from the JOSM’s transifex. (Here are many thanks to awesome translators that should not be in the brackets.) We understand that the trend is toward permissive licenses so at least we left the damn-api.js under MIT.

For completeness, we want share the damn compatibility matrix for remote/field mapping when using map-review-done workflow:

Map       Review    Supported?
------    ------    ----------
Remote    Remote    Yes
Remote    Field     Yes
Field     Remote    Yes
Field     Field     Yes

And so it is. There is nothing more to say, so we are stretching our brains to find out what we will do next time. Just kidding, there is uncountable lot of work.

Divide and map. Now. – the damn project – helps mappers by dividing a big area into smaller squares that people can map together.