The damn project done in November 2023 and then

DISCLAIMER: The writing style is not serious, the message is.

Oh, another month is here already!

Today, we would like to start with a little panic. As usual, we report a bit of work done instead of sleeping. And because we slept a lot this month… just kidding.

New feature of the damn project is permanent link to areas, like When the area is finished, its (area) identifier will be reused. So when non-permanent link to the area is shared, for example in the changeset comment, it sure is troublesome.

We wanted to update our Field Mapping Mode flagship with support for ODK Collect. However, we found out that the ODK Collect version available from F-Droid is 11 years old and that “Newer versions of this app exist, but contain proprietary software, so updates are unlikely to appear here.” We are non-interested in non-free software and therefore we postpone the implementation of the support for ODK Collect. Our Field Mapping Mode flagship currently supports iD, RapiD, JOSM, Vespucci, Organic Maps or generic Android application like OsmAnd. If your workflow fails with the mentioned applications and you can’t use StreetComplete, SCEE, Every Door, CityZen or OpenStop, please, let us know. We are interested in what workflow you have in mind.

We would like to sketch out how campaigns could work within the Divide and map. Now. We are really sorry, but it’s not much of science. The damn project has strict district – it helps with group mapping of an area; there is no room for putting areas together. For the purpose of campaigns, if anyone would ever need that, we suggest to leverage well known OpenStreetMap infrastructure, particularly wiki. As with the changeset comments, please use permanent links to areas.

We are slowly approaching the end of the year. Yes, our next report will be nothing but link to “The fourth year of the Divide and map. Now.” damn diary. Read you soon!

Divide and map. Now. – the damn project – helps mappers by dividing a big area into smaller squares that people can map together.

Maybe it would be better to have one thread, rather than separate thread every month? So interested people can watchlist and not interested can hide it?


Sure. If it makes sense/is preferred, I will do that.

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Sorry for the Off-Topic, but is it only for me that the domain ( in the OSM Wiki is redirecting to some super weird advertising websites?
for example:

It’s same on my side. Can’t say how much maintained CityZen is, last commits on GitHub from past two years are translations :confused:

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Pretty sure an admin can move this post into the previous report post (and just delete the subsequent replies).

We are proud to share our work done in December 2023. As advised, our report this month is the continuation of the previous post. We are excited to adopt the same principle we use in programming!

This month, we would like to report our yearly report. Along with work in 2023 and work for 2024, this time we also include a bit of the functionality and scope to remind the readers about what that damn project is about.

Enjoy the start of 2024, another damn year!


I did not forget, I am just busy. Sorry!

Writing the update in the middle of the month has one advantage: I can say that first two areas were abandoned and finished, because completed! This is warm feeling. I also like to see how area lifecycle works automatically.

During the January, I have been experimenting with huge areas (those of 300 000 squares and more). I am still not decided what to do about them. Certain operations on huge areas do not affect server, like mapping workflows. The problems arise when you want to see huge area or do some analysis about them, because resources are limited. Feel free to share you opinion on huge areas.

Divide and map. Now. – the damn project – helps mappers by dividing a big area into smaller squares that people can map together.