The Bing Satellite map is not new enough

There is a road near my home, but i cannot see it at the editor.

Satellite images are not frequently updated, so you have to deal with what you have… (or maybe you can use ESRI or Marxar images to look if you see something more…).
If you are living in that area and you know the on-the-ground truth, just draw the road where it is. Or you can drive/walk/ride it with a GPS and use the GPX track recorder as a reference.

You could try all the other imagery eg Maxar and see if one of them offers the OSM more recent free imagery for our mapping.
If not then use your phone to record gps traces along the new roads to assist your mapping.
Most roads are mapped in this way well ahead of seeing them in satellite imagery. Later the imagery can be used to refine your mapping from gps traces.