The best Software for Record, Manange and Edit my own GPS Ublox Receiv

I have an Ublox GPS Receiver who works but when the lost the Signal in the Tunnel the drive insane and could not find any Signal anymore. Does anyone have an idea why?

I also want record an GPS Track for my own thin for my Project. I still have 1x “genuen” (or how the spelled) Ublox USB Receiver and 2 from China with an Ublox Receiver Chipset. The use all an Internal Antenna.

What I not sayed I will record Train Tracks and Mark the Railway Station when Company refuse to give me there Data.
The argue the could not share for “Data Protection reason”. :roll_eyes: So I have to record it my own.

I use the Ublox Tool who work ok but when the Receiver drive insane the could not do anything. :confused:
I haven’t use the Chinese Ublox one in an real life scenario so i dont know how the perform.