Thank you for josm

Hi everybody,
after 22k changesets I have to say thank you for your work on josm. For me it is the best osm editor and most new versions improves my work. Thank you very much!!!
Best regards,

If only other users with >500 changesets did appreciate JOSM… iD is nice, but for JOSM beats it with features experienced mappers need. I don’t want us to grow a generation of incapable mappers who after half a year or so of mapping don’t know how to revert a changeset.

Tried it, but it didn’t work for me for most of the mapping that I do (from my own GPX traces with waypoint information in them). Most of the outstanding questions that I had I asked as questions on, so if anyone fancies explaining the error of my ways by all means please answer those there :slight_smile:

+1, JOSM is an amazing tool and we should remember praising its developers more frequently – they deserve it! :slight_smile:

One disadvantage: I can’t run josm on all platforms and all locations. Very often I cannot install programs. An online tool gives independance of platforms and computers.

Bring it to the 21th centruy with an design makeover, optimize a bit the overall looks, not so cluttered and update the wiki. iD is fast, easy, and very clear…


Pretty freaking amazing tool. Tons of power, and I still haven’t come close to discovering all the features.

My latest happy discovery was that I could un-dock all the little panels (Layers etc.) and move them over to the second monitor. Bingo: one full screen dedicated to the main edit window.