Thailand - Fix Inconsistent Highway Intersections

Hello OpenStreetMap Thailand,

Today I wanted to share an exciting MapRoulette challenge with you which is Thailand - Fix Inconsistent Highway Intersections. We used a modified version of Osmose check 1250 – objects intersection, with certain situations, such as pedestrian paths, removed from the scope.
The objective is to identify and fix cases where highways intersect without a common node.

Allow me to give more context on the “Inconsistent Highway Intersections” possible causes:

  • The highways pass over or under each other without a true intersection.
  • The highways are incorrectly placed on the map.
  • There are duplicate highways.
  • The highways intersect, but no node is present.

As with any spatial analysis, there might be some false positives. In such cases, we kindly request you to mark the task as ‘Not an issue’ if you find that the task instructions are invalid based on your knowledge.

If you have any inquiries, remarks, or questions, please feel free to reply to this post/mail or send me a direct message. For more information, you can refer to the Thailand GitHub or MapRoulette challenge page.

Wishing you a wonderful day and happy editing!



Thank you, Salim. I have processed the list of tasks in Northern Thailand, and they have provided valuable leads to address noticeable routing issues.

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Hi @julcnx ,

Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m happy that you enjoyed this MapRoulette challenge and found it useful.
I’m writing to you on behalf of @sbaido who is currently on leave. He asked me to extend his gratitude for your valuable contributions on this MapRoulette challenge.
I encourage each and every one of you to join hands and bring your valuable expertise to the table to complete this challenge and improve the map of Thailand.

Happy mapping!
Hajar from TomTom.