Thailand - Add Water Features

Dear OSM Thailand,

I am delighted to announce a new MapRoulette challenge (Thailand - Add Water Features), and after careful consideration, we have identified potential leads by comparing water features in OpenStreetMap (OSM) with TomTom’s map database.

The challenge focuses on various types of water features, including small ponds and puddles.Currently, there are 105 tasks in this challenge. The objective is to identify and add any missing water features as necessary.

We have confidence that mappers will utilize suitable imagery and their local knowledge to thoroughly investigate each situation.If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly or respond to this post. You can also leave your comments on the Thailand GitHub or MapRoulette challenge page.Thank you, and I wish you a wonderful editing experience as always.

Best regards,
Salim, TomTom


Hello Salim,

this is an interesting challenge. It is to a larger extent arm-chair compatible.

I frequently miss the topic of quality assurance during the tasks and same here.
What potential pitfalls have you identified here?
What could go wrong systematically and how to detect and counter it?

In terms of ponds and remote sensing in Thailand you have the challenge to identify permanent water features and distinguish them from temporary ones. Often ponds are filled during the rainy season to have water stored for irrigation purpose during dry months.
Similar the rice fields are flooded for some time. Remote sensing could pick this up and mark it as water feature.

Permanent features have frequently a river/canal connected which is visible on aerial/sat imagery.

Here it is important to note that the direction of the way matters and should follow the water flow.

Towards the costal areas you have then also thousands of aqaua farms and sea salt production.


Hello Stephan,

Thank you for your feedbacks. We are aware of the concerns on imagery interpretation.
I have closed approximate 10 tasks so far and all leads are captured as water body. Please feel free to take looks at below locations.

I am a person who randomly do quality check on MapRoulette task locations and lead news. This one I will do so.
Best regards,

@stephankn : do you have any feedback on Supanachat’s reply?

I was satisfied with the answer :slight_smile:

You are aware of potential problems and you run checks.

I am sorry to say, to not have the capacity to run larger quality checks on individual quests.

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