Thai content with incorrect tag

Would anyone be able to check if the values added for names in (location in India), and also in other changesets by the same person are in the Thai language? If so, are they actually names or are they something else? Are they worth saving with the key ‘name:th’?

The names contain valid Thai script but when I run them through my transliteration program the results don’t correspond to the English in the two tags that have English alongside the Thai. I’ll have to leave that for Thai speakers to decipher. But in any case, all of those tags should appear only in the name:th tag and nowhere else.


Also, see this note about this user, who has been blocked because of this issue:

I’ve reverted that specific changeset. These appear to be a case of the user improperly adding personal notes as POIs. (There have been quite a bit of these from Maps.Me users.) The translation of the Thai phrases in question are: “Junction to Pangong Lake”, “Coach stopped to take a piss”, “Coach made a rest stop (return trip)”, “Another station on the way back to Delhi”, and “Train station to Agra”.

Thanks, Paul. I’m laughing to read these translated “notes”, especially the one about stopping to take a piss! makes it easy to add something personal but it is not obvious that the invitation to “share it” will create a POI that can be seen by the entire OSM world.

All I can say, in Thai, is 5555!

Thank you both for your help. I’ve reverted the remainder of these contributions. There are other strange comments, ‘self rotating mirror’ sticks in my mind, but probably is the fault of Google translate.

Heh, this actually helped me find , a tool by Ilya Zverev that lists Maps.Me edits. I’ve been looking for a way to identify and check Maps.Me additions for some time now.

Thanks for that interesting link Paul_12,

Reading over some of the additions made by MM users makes me question the wisdom of making it so easy to add data to OSM. I see many additions having identical data entered in both the name tag and name:XX tags, for example, and also items like this one:
name=Night Club
It is possible the name of this place actually is “Night Club” but I doubt it.

I follow the Tagging list emails and the discussions there are often concerned with tagging structure issues and resolving differences in tagging related to language preferences. Contributors agonize about the correct way to tag objects, often for days and days. Checking through this list would probably give them headaches!