texture library for OSM


I wrote the page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Texture_Library and have placed there some self made textures.
There is also JOSM PlugIn which works with this textures: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kendzi3d

For generating of new textures I need pictures of different surfaces.

Has anyone of you time to make some (country specific) photos for this reason?


Good job. To chapter 3.3 Roof, more types of textures could be added:

  • thatching (roofs made of straw, water reed, sedge…)
  • grass (roofs covered with dirt and growing grass, flowers…)
  • sheet metal
  • felt-covered (often looking like tile roofs)

Good idea Pikari,
please e-mail me if possible, self made ( because of public domain) pictures with examples. When i hae pictures, I can make seamless surfaces.

I don’t have that many pics on roofs, but I found a sheet metal roof:

I think it is better in this case to show the whole roof, not just a little piece of it. Here’s a pic of the campanile (wooden bell tower) at the church of Ruovesi:

And I just realized that there are even more roof textures:

  • wooden (shakes), Finnish: paanukatto
  • wooden (shingles), Finnish: pärekatto
  • roofs decorated with metal leaf

Edit: the pic of that campanile lead to thoughts about wooden wall textures:

  • timber (UK) / lumber (US)
  • log (various types)

Edit 2: I uploaded the pic of the campanile to OSM wiki (see File:TapuliRuovesi.jpg)

Hello Pikari,
for the Towers such this one, we make with User Kendzi the small Tool with most typical tower geometries. Of course, not everything is with this library possible, but I have done also exactly more hunderts 3D models ( see: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fotostrecke-19901.html ) and I afraid we need for other approach - exactly modelling - new 3D software.

I added wooden roofs, Roofs with metal leaf are already inside.
Please e-mail me this nice picture. marekskleciak[put here ATplease]o2.pl


I write under: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Phototexturing how to make pictures for fototexturing.
Unfortunatly is my english only a little better than Finnish and at the moment is the page 98% in german language.

I’ve now taken a bunch of different wall photos, but I doubt I have the motivation to rectify them all, so I’ll upload them somewhere for you to process into textures. The scale/size is sometimes obvious, but would it make it easier if I add some sort of rough scale bars near the relevant walls before uploading?

  • of course YES!
    This ist the perfect way for defining of resolution.

The absolute crasy perfectionists uses also a small whitepaper page. When I have it on the picture, i can more exactly define the white point of the picture.
In other case You must belive in algorithms, but it´s sometimes not true.

Thank You for Your contribution alv!!

I tried to rectify couple of these (and a few pics I didn’t include) with Hugin, but the results weren’t usable; maybe you have a better workflow. It’s not always possible to stand far enough to use telephoto or to have the wall exactly perpendicular to you. I drew some measures in a couple of pictures, but mostly I just renamed them to include a measurement. Where the name doesn’t include a clue, it should be possible to measure the height of one building floor and approximate from that - or there’s a car for which you can google the length or height :slight_smile: (If my shoe’s visible, it’s 11 cm wide)


Note to self: need to buy a better camera sometime, this seems to distort the lower left corner somewhat.
Note to self 2: no more wall photos from a moving car, not usable.
Note to self 3: telephoto only from now on, even if one must stand against the opposite building.

Ja jotta pysyis vähän suomifoorumin teemassa, niin sivuilta puuttuu ainakin muutamia “yleisiä” kotimaisten lähiöiden seinätekstuureja, ainakin:

  • keltaiset/punaiset tiiliseinät
  • harmaat kivirappauselementtiseinät
  • erilaiset paljaat betoniseinät
  • tuhansia muita malleja :slight_smile:

Jos on sattumalta jollain kuvia, joissa on on esteettömästi (ei esim. puita edessä) näkyvissä seinäpinta kohtuullisen suoraan edestäpäin ja “toistettava” osa on kuvasta nähtävissä, niin ketjun aloittajaa kiinnostaa ne. Ei tarvitse olla kovin suuri resoluutio, jopa joku 64 pikseliä toistettavan osan minimimittana ihan välttävä. Voi laittaa webiin ja linkin tänne tai varmaan meilatakin hänelle. Aika kunnianhimoinen projekti, mutta kaipa nuo vähälläkin pääsevät alkuun.

Yes, I use since 20 years Photoshop , but the same results are possible with free software. I describe soon the workflow suggestions in Wiki.

Yes, You´re right - it is sometimes very difficult to get pictures for a good texture. This can be made only manually. And this is the reason for great opportunities for OSM: there is no comyny and no technology which can arrive similar results than OSM user.
I ktnow, it is very big project, but it is only question of time.

thank you very much for Your good job. I see, it is voluminous and has good quality. I suggest new wiki subage only for Finland:

Best regards to the commmunity!

Here’s the next batch for you, named with the building construction year. Feel free to skip some :slight_smile: I can keep adding these, the dog needs to go out every day…


Thank You!
Fence, lattice - try to shot pictures with sky as background.
If possible no wide-angle lens (more than 55 is ok)
DSCN6413 - Sample (viewes sector) is too small to generate a repeatable texture.
DSCN6410, DSCN6412 - very difficult tu generate texture because tree on the left side
DSCN6420 - very difficult tu generate texture because reflection in the window
DSCN6381 - photographed too much from the side: The windows have too much side material on the left page. Generally: It is possible fo shot the pictures of doors and windows not absolutely orthogonal but with ca. 15° deviation from orthogonality. 30° deviation or more is too much

Thanks, some of the notes were known, but not where the issues were too bad. In wallpics002 I tried to reshoot facades where some of the windows were too much to the side, but might have still missed some. If you think there’s some wall you would like to include but the photo isn’t good enough, let me know and I’ll try some day. I believe these will already keep you occupied for a few days.

For 6381 I might find a better angle (there’s that big tree on the left). For pics 6410 to 6413 there’s no alternative way to shoot it, its a tiny old building. 15 degrees duly noted for future attemps. I’ll have to go around the glass covered building to see if there’s an angle that won’t result in reflections that bad. There’s bound to be a sky/horizon line anyway in the reflection. It might be actually hard to find places where guard rails or fences could be viewed with only sky in the background.

Hello Alv,
i shot pictures too - it is difficult job. Sometimes one have no other way than make the picture of the same window, door, etc. from other building.
If You worked with texture making, you see how many time one need to clean trees or other elements. In this case I prefer finding of similar elements without disturbing elements.
Generally: I find Your pictures VERY good. I know about difficulties with texture making.
Best regards,

I wrote the page:
Alv, is it possible to translate it into Finnisch?

Because the page content is in German, I guess its title should start with the DE: prefix and be in German.

Does the OSM wiki support SVG files? The picture http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Geometrical_Aberration.png contains labels (in German, not in English). I think it would be better not to embed text in bitmap images. Here are the translations for that image:

kissenförmige Verzeichnung=pincushion distortion=tyynyvääristymä
verzeichnungsfreie Abbildung=distortionless image=vääristymätön kuva
tonnenförmige Verzeichnung=barrel distortion=tynnyrivääristymä

I think that any other images on the page can remain untranslated.

EN: Commonly available objectives generate a barrel distortion that depends on the focal length: the wider the angle, the bigger the distortion
FI: Tavallisimmat objektiivit muodostavat tynnyrivääristyneen kuvan, jonka suuruus riippuu objektiivin polttovälistä. Mitä laajempi kulma, sen suurempi vääristymä.

Hello skela,
thank you!

Somebody works already on translation of this page.
Image name: done
SVG files - don´t know. Please try - it goes easy.

The page sshould be translated in english. UI think the time for german version comes soon. For me it is more easy to work with only one version of tutorial.

The advice which can be found here in this thread is really useful. I also wondered about the roofs and how I can work with them properly, but this is great thanks! I remember when I had some problems with some flowers shops in exeter. They were rather difficult… but maybe I can solve everything know with this new gained knowledge!

Great honhee.
I am pleased that I can help.

I putted now the new part under: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Phototexturing#Connection_and_cleanup_of_the_images

Maybe can somebody do the translation in Your language?

I added new textures under http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Texture_Library_Finland
Please, think about possible structure of this page and make suggestions / changes.
At the moment I have some modern architecture and some parts of old wood architecture of Finland.

And alv, thank You for good material for textures!

Best regards,