Text layout during editing tutorial

I was attempting to take the street map editing tutorial today.

Text is displayed in a narrow column, that does not scroll up or down, that does not resize text with Apple-plus or apple-minus like normal text does.

A lot of the columns go off the top and bottom of my screen. This makes it very hard to follow some of the steps.

I suppose you are talking about the walkthrough of the iD-Editor on osm.org (after you hit “Edit”). Issues you encounter should probably be reported in the iD-Editor-github.
If it’s somewhere else you need to be more specific.

It would be a good idea to maybe capture the screen (images or video) of the problems you have described and tell us what system you are on. From the sounds of it you are using an Apple product, so the size of the screen might also be of interest.

Yes, it was the built-in editor.

Alright, next time I’ll include a screencap.

Display is a 720p monitor.