Text font of comments to comments too small and not counted

Recently I opened a thread which in the ‘latest’ summary said it had 2 comments’ Upon opening there were in fact 2 comments but both of them had multiple comments below each with a smaller font that have trouble reading. I’ve already set the reading font in the profile setting larger but it does not seem to affect those sub comments. At any rate if them not being counted in the comment total in a thread is intentional seeing just 2 in the summary and actually having a dozen, the number certainly conveys if dead or lively.

PS Reading these on a 7" mobile is challenging, lots of finger pinching and spreading.

The plugin definitely seems a bit crude in its present form.

Additional things:

  • I don’t think you get notified about comments to your responses or responses to comments.
  • Comment don’t appear to be searchable.
  • Comments don’t show up in user activity. You can’t systematically find responses.
  • There is no way to change responses to comments or vice versa which is a problem when they get voted into a different order.

P.S. This might be a topic more suited to the Site Feedback category.

Moving this to :lady_beetle: This forum issues and requests

This is an upstream-dependency of the voting-plugin

/cc @Firefishy for visibility, maybe we should centralice all the feedback and issues into a single topic in here?

It may be, even with these issues, that this plugin + Discourse is the best option for OSM “help” content going forward, given that OSQA is something of a burning platform (sorry, Nokia 9100 users :slight_smile: )

I think given the problems with OSQA, we’re better off keeping the voting plugin even with its flaws. OSQA has no translation and is unmaintained with known issues.