Testing editing topic title (with some text added, and a bit more)

Newish user reports being unable to edit topic title.

This is a test to see if an account with no reputation can do so

Entirely possible.

Actual process (under normal account, 'cos of new user limits on image posting):

  1. Click on edit button (pencil icon) to right of title at head of thread

  1. Current text of title is shown

  1. Edit the text and click the blue button with a tick to finish editing

Suitably meta now I think

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For how long till they are able to edit the title though? Maybe they tried to edit after, for example, 24 hours?

To my knowledge the topic title, category and tags remain changeble unlimited whereas editing a post is restricted to a certain period (1 month for regular users, 24 hours for newbies).

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I’ve edited titles long after updating the description and also to add [RESOLVED] in the title since not all (sub) forums have the ‘resolved’ functionality enabled.

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Thanks for the additional info, everyone.