Terjemahan Wiki

I’m doing bit by bit Malay translations of the Wiki when I’m not mapping stuff. Beginners Guide is nearly complete except Beginners Guide 1.2.1. That part was omitted because I think the current newbie trend is simply tracing stuff off the satellite imagery, rather fiddling with GPS receivers and all those GPX tracks.

Right now my focus is to translate Map Features. Here’s my rough works on my personal user wikipage, so there’s some sneak peek before things get put into the official translation page.

Of course, spot typos and untranslated phrases, or let me know if anyone have ideas to construct better sentences. I am very happy with any feedback, because these translation works is not as easy as copy-pasting from Google Translate.

(Tulis bahasa Melayu pula)

Wiki tag highway=* juga telah diterjemahkan. Dah lama dah siap, cuma tak letak iklan.

Kalau ada yang tak berapa nak kena tu, mohon dikomen.

Juga lihatlah kepada halaman Indonesia http://openstreetmap.id/tutorial/panduan/ - di sana ada banyak dokumen-dokumen pada dalam Indonesia (ya, benar, ada beda-beza kecil antara bahasa Melayu dan Indonesia). Saya kira bahwa itu mungkin merupakan bantuan besar kepada community Malaysia.

Terima kasih Bernhard!