Tel Aviv road works - not only in Waze

I was driving in Tel Aviv with a friend the other day, and Waze popped up a notice about road works on Begin Rd between 21:00-05:00(?) nightly; the notice had been added by a “Tel Aviv Municipality” Waze user.

It would be nice for those notices to be available to OSM users as well.

Could/Does the Tel-Aviv Municipality publish the road works information in an open data manner? Either by uploading it to OSM (with appropriate date- and time-based restrictions) or to some other open data service, which routers could access.

Yes, they do export this as open data, it’s a layer in their (excellent) GIS system.

go to
click “שכבות מידע”, then select “תנועה וחניה” and then click the little icon next to “רחובות סגורים” to export all the data into a shapefile.

Alternatively, you can get the same data via “TLV Opendata” here

under “transportation”. There’s an API there that can let you export this data as JSON.

Good luck!

Oh, nice! I’ll have to see if OsmAnd can interoperate with that. Many thanks!